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Where Are We Located?


Washington D.C. would be the short answer, but we are quite literally all over the world. Our Industry Coaches are in the U.S. (all major cities), the U.K, France, Switzerland, India, Canada, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. 

We do 80% of our coaching through a virtual meeting platform, which is easy to use and provides a fantastic coaching experience in private meeting rooms, no different to real-life. Except better since candidates can reach us 24/7... someone in some time zone is always up!

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"Hira and her team have both strong coaching skills and phenomenal industry expertise. From an employer perspective, it's hard to see how candidates could be adequately prepared to get through our recruiting process - whether in IBD, brokerage, or Asset Management - without this combination." 

Michael Salsbury, former Head of EMEA Merrill Lynch International.

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Washington D.C. USA

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