Industry-Specific Career Coaching

Secure specialized coaching for your students with industry contacts, who are also potential networking opportunities. 


Budget-friendly: get coaching only as and when needed.


Our 28 industry coaches help students recruiting for Banking & Finance, Consulting, Data Science, Analytics,  Marketing, Tech, Product, Operations, International Development, and Not-Profit Management. 


Start with a small number of coaching hours. Pilot to a segment of students and see the results!


Our Assignments

These are our most popular University coaching engagements in the years 2013 - 2018.

Finance &  Banking

Invst. Mgmt

We do coaching for both undergraduate and graduate (mostly MBA programs) students navigating the competition on  Wall Street for Analyst and Associate level roles. We cover sell-side, buy-side, and corporate finance. Our busiest times are Fall recruiting for summer internships, followed by full-time recruiting.


Case Prep

Some of the best feedback we've gotten is for our consulting coaches. Handling the case prep for a school is a popular assignment. Hundreds of top-10 MBA candidates have gone through us. But we coach a range of schools.  We do both interviewer (MBB) and interviewee led case delivery.

International Students

Universities often approach us with the severe challenges they face in this area. Sometimes we jump right in with intense 1:1 coaching because students are behind in their job search. Sometimes we work with the school to develop a strategy first. Often staff themselves request coaching on this topic.

Data Science Landscape

This is a new area of demand, and the fastest-growing! Our first undertaking of scale was a series of talks with the MAS Innovation Lab, where we provided a breakdown and examples of roles in tech, data science, big data, analytics, and machine learning. Our strength is honing in on skills students need to build on to be successful in recruiting for tech and analytics heavy roles.

Brand & LinkedIn "Selling Yourself"

One may think this is not industry-specific. But it is! In fact, that misguided notion is the greatest downfall of most candidates and the biggest mistake of those who coach in this area. An individual brands themselves according to the career specifics ahead. They sell themselves based on the needs of the interviewer or employer or buyer in front of them.

Mock Interviews / Behaviorals

Usually, the university partner has the internal resources for their students to succeed. The latter need that extra bit of push and commitment to make the home run. Students identify well with the high-level intensity that Careerly people bring to the final stages of recruiting. Behavioral interviews are where we truly stand apart and add noticeable value to the candidates' chances.

Why Choose Us?

Six distinct advantages of working with us.

A skilled coach bench with industry people

Only the Best

No IC Agreements or onerous paperwork

Get coaching at the click of a button

A fraction of the cost of hiring industry coaches

An average spend of $10K to $80K for higher-margin value.

Leverage as and when needed only

No subscriptions. No contracts.

Breath and depth of Industry Coverage

Finance, Banking, Consulting, Tech, Product, Data, Marketing, Operations

Access to the Careerly Network

Coach bios and industry connections that will impress students.

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"Hira and her team have both strong coaching skills and phenomenal industry expertise. From an employer perspective, it's hard to see how candidates could be adequately prepared to get through our recruiting process - whether in IBD, brokerage, or Asset Management - without this combination." 

Michael Salsbury, former Head of EMEA Merrill Lynch International.

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