The workshop material (summary, accouncement, teaching deck, other collateral) is designed using your University's colors and the School's logo, and name of the CSO/staff. We further customize to accomodate content / messaging adjustments. Careerly is not part of the branding. The IP belongs to the University. 

Our workshops and classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes. We follow up with a summary email to all attendees and include any pertinent materails or templates. We also dedicate 20 minutes to answer students who email with follow-up questions. 

Workshops & webinars

  • What is a white-label product?

    A white label product or service is developed by one party and distributed to the end user by another party under their own brand.  Some universities prefer that students experience one consolidated outreach by the "Career Services Office."


    Regular Careerly branded versions of the workshops are also available for Universities who prefer to leverage our brand and/or not pay the extra cost of white-labelling. 

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"Hira and her team have both strong coaching skills and phenomenal industry expertise. From an employer perspective, it's hard to see how candidates could be adequately prepared to get through our recruiting process - whether in IBD, brokerage, or Asset Management - without this combination." 

Michael Salsbury, former Head of EMEA Merrill Lynch International.

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