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Bring us in for workshops on twelve specialized topics: e.g.Careers in Finance & Banking, Careers in Tech, International Students, Acing Behavioral Interviews, and more!

Our 12 Career Workshops

These are Careerly's most popular workshop and webinar topics in the last 4 years.

Careers in Finance and Banking

Our bread and butter. Up-to-date, relevant, and knowledgeable information by the practitioners themselves. 

Careers in Consulting

Also in the bread & butter category, with Careerly coaches delivering on average 100+case interviews per year. That kind of volume helps our candidates and us to becomes experts at the craft!

Careers at the World Bank, IFC, IAD, ADB, UN World

Watch for Update

Careers in Tech and Product Mktg/Mgmt

Watch for Update

International Students' Job Search Strategies

This is the most in-demand workshop from University Career Services and Program Office. Work authorization and int'l students' challenges are unique and require unique solutions and a trusted voice.

Acing Behavioral Interview Questions

Top Seller. And for good reason. Check out our 100+ videos on Careerly's youtube channel or some of the firewalled content on our main portal.  

"Tell Me About Yourself"

The perennial favorite and the single most important question, whether at a happy hour, a coffee chat, or a formal interview. Nail this and the candidate is 80% of the way there to securing the job.

The 21st Century Resume

Careerly's flagship product since the founding days of 2013. Our A-R Methodology, how to craft results-focused bullet points and quantify impact.

Networking Basics

Building your network. Prioritizing & categorising:, Acquitances, Associates, and Super Fans.

Networking Beyond Basics

Using LinkedIn.s latest tools, LI Learning, Sales Navigator, and other platforms.

The 21st Century Portfolio Site

New!  A great resume is not enough, not even our ones! So, we need to leverage mad marketing & branding skills just like with any other product in this day & age of tech and creativity.

Using Structure & Frameworks

It doesn't matter what our camdidates come to us for, 80% of them need help structuring their arguments and key mesages, whether that is in a cover letter, an outreach email or in response to interview questions.

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"Hira and her team have both strong coaching skills and phenomenal industry expertise. From an employer perspective, it's hard to see how candidates could be adequately prepared to get through our recruiting process - whether in IBD, brokerage, or Asset Management - without this combination." 

Michael Salsbury, former Head of EMEA Merrill Lynch International.

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